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The Housing Authority of the County of Monterey (HACM) 

HCV / Section 8 General Information

Housing Choice Voucher

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV), formerly known as “Section 8”, provides assistance forvery low-income households (single or family), the elderly, and the disabled to afford decent, safe, andsanitary housing in the private market.


Participants who receive vouchers search for their own housing, which may include single-family homes, townhomes, apartments, or even the family’s present residence. HCV assistance is portable anywhere in the United States.


Provided the housing they select meets the requirements of the program, the housing subsidy is paidto the landlord directly by the Housing Authority (HA) on behalf of the family.

Elderly Couple
Child sitting near the sea.

Project Based Program

Project Based Vouchers are a component of HACM’s Housing Choice Voucher Program. Under the project-based program, the HA enters into an assistance contract with the landlord for specified units and for a specified 

Because the assistance is tied to the unit, a family who moves from the project-based unit will not have any right to continued assistance. However, if a family chooses to move out of a project-based unit after 12 months, then they may be eligible for a HCV as long as they are in good standing and funding is available.

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