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The Housing Authority of the County of Monterey (HACM) 


 The Housing Authority of the County of Monterey Development Corporation (HDC) boasts a team of analysts with extensive national experience. This team has a proven track record of successfully developing and subsidizing affordable housing projects. Leveraging our wealth of knowledge and hands-on involvement, we are fully committed to aiding housing authorities and developers in reaching their goals. Our Development department brings expertise in project-based accounting, business process management, and automation, along with proficiency in information technology systems. We are dedicated to delivering comprehensive support and contributing to the success of affordable housing initiatives. Recognized with awards, our accomplished team has a proven track record of effectively guiding affordable housing developers through the intricacies of securing funding, obtaining approvals, and overseeing project construction. Allow us to bring our award-winning expertise to your project and support you in achieving success. 

 In the dynamic landscape of Monterey County, it is imperative to embrace the latest green building materials, techniques, and energy-saving initiatives. These endeavors not only yield long-term financial advantages for affordable housing providers and residents but also contribute to a positive environmental footprint through the creation of more sustainable structures in our local communities. 

Our development team remains at the forefront of this commitment with our dedicated green building efforts and energy-saving strategies. Our comprehensive programs encompass initiatives such as solar energy integration, reduced construction water consumption, meticulous recycling of existing materials, and effective construction waste management. These practices not only align with our professional standards but also echo our conscientious approach to building a greener, more sustainable Monterey County. 

Toro Park

Green Building 

Point Lobos

Helping Projects, Tenants, and the Environment 

All our projects have exceeded CA Title 24 mandated energy requirements by 15% or more. Our environmental initiatives have offset up to 100% of common area energy usage and over 50% of tenant usage. Let us help you to help your community and the environment by developing sustainable affordable housing. 

Many of our projects have met or exceeded the following standards: 

• Greenpoint Rated 

• Cal Green Building 

• National Association of Home Builders 

• National Green Building Standard Gold Level 

• Green Community Program by Enterprise Community Partners 

• Energy Star for Homes 

• USGBC LEED for Homes Program 

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