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The Housing Authority of the County of Monterey (HACM) administers a variety of affordable housing programs for individuals and families in Monterey County

The two longest are Public Housing and the Housing Choice Voucher (formerly known as Section 8)

Migrant and Farm Worker Housing

The Authority operates Migrant and Permanent Farm Labor units for a total of 215 housing units for this targeted population. The Migrant Center is located in King City and is open for 6 months each year. The permanent Farm Labor Complexs are located in Salinas, Chular and Castroville.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

The Family Self-Sufficiency program is a case management program which is voluntary for Housing Choice Voucher clients and has been in operation since 1993. The families receive community resources and linkages to supportive services to address the barriers which may be causing welfare dependence. The program offers an incentive savings account to the clients when they initially begin employment. When any pay increases are obtained, the difference between the base client rent and the increase rent is deposited into an interest bearing savings account on behalf of the client. This account becomes the client's when the family has completed the goals set by the Family Self-Sufficiency contract.

Pueblo Del Mar Transitional Housing Program

Pueblo Del Mar is an award winning development funded by a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Supportive Housing Grant, State of California HOME Rental Rehabilitation Funds, and Monterey Bay Bank/Federal Home Loan Bank Subsidy.

Pueblo Del Mar includes 56 houses on a 2.5 acre site at the former Fort Ord in the City of Marina. The property was obtained from the Army through the McKinney Act and is part of the reuse of Fort Ord for the use of the community.

Pueblo Del Mar provides a safe, affordable, transitional housing program for homeless women with children, men with children, and families with children. A sense of pride and community is developed in a drug free/alcohol free environment, where residents build social networks and support systems designed to foster positive lifestyles. This program offers residents a supportive living environment.

The Pueblo Del Mar transitional housing program is the first of its kind in Monterey County. The program gives homeless families who have completed a residential recovery program, or who can document they have participated in a 12-step Sobriety Program for at least three months, the opportunity for a new start.

For information call Pueblo Del Mar 831-753-6009. From Monterey --831-582-9461
TDD -- 831-754-2951

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